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MintDNS 2009 Tuning (eliminate contention, poor performance, and deadlocks )

NOTE: The Default settings in IIS 7.0 are fine and you should only tune 2008 server if you have a legitimate need.


If you are running MintDNS 2009 and maintaining a very large user base, or you just want to have the most robust service possible, then ASP.NET tuning is a requirement.


You will find that the default ASP.NET settings are insufficient to handle the many millions of daily updates MintDNS is designed to accommodate. In fact the default settings for ASP.NET are anything but robust.

The information on this page was compiled from a variety of places some are listed below:


Tuning MintDNS for performance:


First you will need to download our load testing script and a sample app.config file here. This zip file contains two files (load-tester.htm and app.config)


 The app.config file will be copied to your web root and will specify what ASP.NET settings MintDNS will use. Every server is different and you must use the load testing script to find a good balance. 


You need to acquaint yourself with the fields found in the sample app.config file. I have listed Microsoft's recommended setting below and I recommend you start tuning with these recommended settings.


Field Name Default Setting MS Recommended Setting
maxconnection 2 12 * #CPUs
maxIoThreads 20 100
maxWorkerThreads 20 100
minFreeThreads 8 88 * #CPUs
minLocalRequestFreeThreads 4 76 * #CPUs


Some of these recommendations involve a simple formula that involves the number of CPUs on a server. The variable that represents the number of CPUs in the formulas is N. For these settings, if you have hyper threading enabled, you must use the number of logical CPUs instead of the number of physical CPUs. For example, if you have a four-processor server with hyper threading enabled, then the value of N in the formulas will be 8 instead of 4.

Note When you use this configuration, you can execute a maximum of 12 ASP.NET requests per CPU at the same time because 100-88=12. Therefore, at least 88*N worker threads and 88*N completion port threads are available for other uses (such as for the Web service callbacks).


For example, a server with four processors and hyper threading enabled would use the sample app.config file unchanged.

Once you have your app.config file setup you can start the first load test. Ensure you have an account created in MintDNS and have at least one associated sub domain.


Next open the load-tester.htm file in your favorite text editor, and enter the sub domain you wish to test with (hostname=??). The fields which are modifiable are listed below in red.


var url = 'http://localhost/nic/update?'
var V1 = '';


After you have saved your changes, open load-tester.htm in Internet Explorer or Firefox. Enter an update frequency of 1 millisecond and click execute.


A new page will open and ask for your user information, enter the MintDNS user and password associated with the sub domain we added earlier.


Now just keep an eye on CPU usage and website responsiveness, you may need to run the IISRESET command to restart IIS if you find that IIS becomes unresponsive.


Continue to make adjustments to the app.config file until you find a good balance, It will also help to increase the max number of worker threads for your Application pool.


E.G. Open the IIS manager and expand the application pools folder then view properties for the app pool used by MintDNS. Change the default worker thread option under the performance tab.


All in all performance tuning is not as straight forward as most tasks and can involve some hard work, and lots of reading on the subject.




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